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Miura's heart Cover for illustrated guide Fucus spiralis Algas Que se Comem postcards Pelvetia canaliculata Fucus ceranoides Just a few more slides Leuzea longifolia Portuguese peacock Street sketch Illustration for bet website Illustration for bet website It's almost done Linaria ricardoi Screen posters for exhibition booth My first illustration! Thank you for watching till the end
I'm a graphic designer specialized in ILLUSTRATION. I create hand drawing and/or digital images. I also create CATALOGUES, FLYERS, POSTERS, MARKETING MATERIALS, IDENTITIES and EXHIBITION MATERIALS. And, by the way, I love books, magazines and newspapers!
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If you're curious about the slideshow above, if you wanna know how we can work together, about all the possibilities, or even make a compliment and give any suggestions (why not?!) go ahead, and fell free to do it to
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Can you see any of this illustrations in one of your walls? To order, know or see more:
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